After 'Extracted' was released, dozens of letters flowed in to Dr. S. Perry Brickman from readers. Read their response below.


“Your tenacity, attention to detail and determination in researching and writing this important body of work was impressive and although we both knew the gist of your story we learned many more important details and background from reading your book.”

“You turned an uncomfortable situation into a learning experience for many.”

“It is a tribute to your life, that you see problems and correct them, confront unjustice and bring to task the guilty ones.”

“It was only after reading your well researched and documented ocuvre that I realized the price you paid, and the victory you achieved...”

“I respect your tenacity, diligence and most of all, your pursuit of the truth.“

“Your book has erased your pain and the anguish of all the men who were humiliated and shamed. Unfortunately, some did not live long enough to be released from their memories but perhaps their families now know the truth."


“This is part of history that needs to be told. Thank you for bringing it to light."

“Thanks to Shirley for coming up with the appropriate and memorable phrase 'a fraternity of silence' and thanks to you and 'Extracted' for making this fraternity no-longer-silent.”

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